Research has shown that an effective Pre-k program can affect your child’s future years. Some studies have shown that children who successfully complete a well-developed Pre-k program achieves more in school and makes better grades. Working with the local kindergarten teachers, here at Sprouting Star Children’s Academy we have created a high quality Pre-k program offering weekly lesson plans filled with age appropriate curriculum to help encourage your child to reach their potential.

We believe learning is a multi-faceted process, so we include social, emotional, cognitive, and physical elements in our program so your child can reach all of his or her developmental milestones. We love working with children and we believe in providing personalized care for each child and age group we serve. Our goal is to provide a safe, nurturing environment where your child can reach goals and advance to the next level.

Your child will have a schedule that provides regular opportunities for age appropriate play as well as educational opportunities offering the chance to discover and develop. Children are provided nutritious meals and snacks, plus they will be given time for a nap as well. We understand the importance of a regular routine so your child can function regularly and stay on track.

How We Stand Out

Sprouting Star Children’s Academy works hard to see your child reach his or her goals. When developing our curriculum, we use the Texas Pre-K guidelines and the Region 13 Pre-K guidelines in conjunction with input from area schools. Combining all of those, we can create a warm, caring environment that will also have a significant impact on your child’s readiness for school.

We are more than a daycare and we are more than a Pre-k facility, we take pride in being entrusted as a part of your child’s overall development and learning experience. We go above and beyond to see your child’s needs are met and that they enjoy learning. We want your little learner ready to be a good student upon entering Kindergarten.

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We are looking for parents that want an enriched environment for their children. We look forward to meeting you so please feel free to stop by and visit our school.

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Call us today at Sprouting Star Children’s Academy so you can learn more about our Pre-k program. We will gladly show you around our facility and explain how we stand out from the others. Your child will love it here!