The pre-school years are a significant time in a child’s development.

At Sprouting Star Children’s Academy, we offer age appropriate lesson plans, toys and equipment that foster development for children from ages two to three. You child will participate in a program offering investigative opportunities along with exploration and discovery.

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We use specially designed learning environments, pre-school teaching practices, enrichment activities and more to ensure your child is subjected to learning experiences that are fun, meaningful and age appropriate. When you entrust us with your child, we work to see that they have the necessary experiences to succeed in school and life.

Our curriculum is designed in conjunction with area Kindergarten teachers so we can ensure your child is ready for school and is ready for the next step in life. Your children will learn how to share, be sociable, have fun and learn new things so they can take on the adventures life provides. We work to help your young learner grow into a confident student.

Girl at Preschool
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pre-school boy playing with legos

We’re Different

We aren’t like other day cares or pre-schools. We ensure your child gets the nurturing and love needed in a home away from home environment while providing advanced educational opportunities that cannot be matched elsewhere. We work to grow your child as a whole – physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

Your child will be provided nutritious meals and snacks and be encouraged to grow into a healthy lifestyle. Your little one will have opportunities to play with others using a variety of age appropriate toys and games. In addition, the lesson plans will provide ample time for learning and helping your child achieve the important milestones on time.

We also understand the importance of scheduling. Your child will be kept on a schedule, which will help them in multiple ways. Scheduling helps your child to understand our expectations and they will know what to expect next. We know that consistency is comforting to young children.  Our goal is to keep your child happy and healthy in every sense possible.

Sprouting Star Children’s Academy works to see your child grows to become a confident student who is ready academically and socially to move on to the next level. We love seeing your child achieve a milestone and advance to the next level. Your child excelling is important to us.

We are more than a day care or a pre-school, we are your child’s nurturing and loving home away from home.