My daughter has attended Little Texans Learning Academy since 2013. Every day she runs into the building excited to see her teachers and friends. I then hear about them during dinner and on the weekends. As a hard working parent, knowing my daughter looks forward to going to school, feels safe, and is cherished is priceless. The staff at Little Texans Learning Academy works hard and knows each student by name. There is little turnover which helps maintain a safe and secure environment for the students. Nestled in a sweet neighborhood, Little Texans Learning Academy creates warm learning environment that my daughter loves.

Happy Parent since 2013
Melissa Hefner

We have had our oldest son, now 6 years old, enrolled since he was 12 months old, and our youngest, now 3, enrolled since he was 9 months old. We have enjoyed every bit of their time with the school and staff and haven’t ever had any issues. We are always kept up to date with what’s going on with their classes. The boys enjoy their “hat days” and”snow-cone” days and it always gives them something to look forward to. We recommend this school to all our friends and family.

Lauren Collazo